PokerStars Ring Games

Ring games at the higher limits tend to be pretty tough at PokerStars and the viewed-flopped percentages at these limits are fairly low – meaning tighter than the industry standard for the same limits. On the positive side, there are many games to choose from and plenty of good players know how to exploit the tighter games.
With a steady influx of new players – thousands daily really – there’s never a problem finding suitable competition for all skill levels, though the tournament player quality varies more than the ring games and tends to be much softer. Of course, there are mostly strong players in high-stakes sit-and-gos and the main fixed schedule events.
In short, the competition is of average toughness in the ring games and softer in most of the tournaments. PokerStars does however recommend players think twice before trying to take on the highest stakes, since they are inhabited by some very talented and aggressive players.